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Originally Posted by felzus View Post
Thank you a lot for your info, i hope more people can give me advice. Recently i have also been thinking about this issue that this course is too general. Once, a friend told me that it would be better to pursue a course that is more specific, eg instead of Business Studies, one should pursue individual zoom intos, eg Fund Management. Therefore, i have been reconsidering my choice about Project and Facilities management and have been thinking about Architecture/Civil Engineering instead. One question, is there are significant difference between civil engineering and architecture? Because, they are in different faculties: Architecture in built environment, civil engineering in engineering. Please enlighten me about the specific differences... Also, if i pursue architecture, will my future job revolve around the design of blueprints of buildings/decision of required materials only? Thank you.
Architects design the buildings. Civil engineers build them, the piling, water pipes, M&E, etc. When completed, the facilities managers manage them, repairs, maintenance, complaints.

You'll hear of famous architects like IM Pei and Foster, but you'll never hear of famous individual civil engineers and FM managers. Architecture can be an art, while the others are just jobs.

Take your pick.
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