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1. I had applied a position with the agency. Received several missed calls and messages from the HR two week after my application. I returned the call. The HR coordinator (Hazxx Axxxxx) was very rude and irritated throughout the conversation. I can hear him banging his keyboard and raising his voice to show his displeasure for reply his call late. The face to face encounter was worse. On a personal note, he shown descondesending and contempt look at you and have a "Can' be bother" attitude.
2. Attended the interview, it was a group interview with the Division Management Director together with a Deputy Director. A HR Manager sit in but kept quiet and just looking at her notebook blankly throughout the session. Posted a question to her but she neither look at you nor reply you. The Director answered my "HR question".
3. Interviewers (Management) posted all the questions. It was the normal questions; with a couple on situational awareness and my profession.
4. The Director asked if I have anything to add prior HR do a reference check. My reply was I have added my current superior and colleague as Character referees and I am fine if they do reference check; provided I am the final shortlisted candidate there are serious in hiring me.
5. Subsequently, i send a couple of follow-up email on the application status update for 3 weeks. The replies from the HR Manager (Chxxx Chxxxg) were either "KIV, will update you if there are further shortlisted etc etc or more information.
6. Eventually, i received a email from the HR Manager (Chxxx Chxxxg), requesting for my current organisation's HR point of contact to do a reference check.
7. 5 days later, my present division director was informed of (my application and subsequent interview with recruiting Agency). He was asked by my current company HR to do a character appraisal of my job performance etc. I was subsequently call-in for a one-on-on discussion with my management about the whole situation and way forward. Based on my past yearly appraisal, I had been a "ABOVE Average" performance. I was informed by my superiors that the referee check report had been sent back to recruiting HR.
8. I sent 2 follow-up emails to the HR Manager (Chxxx Chxxxg) every two week for update. First one was 1 week after completing the report was returned to HR Manager (Chxxx Chxxxg). Second one was 3 weeks later. The reply from the HR Manager HR Manager (Chxxx Chxxxg) was "We are still pending reply from your current organisation" or "We are still reviewing your application" and etc.
9. I sent a final email (3.5 months from application) checking on the status - stating that HR Manager (Chxxx Chxxxg) had already done the referee check with my current organisation. My current Management had been asking when will I tender my resignation or join the new agency? Any further delay tactics from them could jeopardise my career in my current organisation.
10. HR Manager (Chxxx Chxxxg) replied immediately: "We regretted to inform you that your application is unsuccessful"
11. The whole episode was totally unnecessary, insincere, unprofessional and uncalled for. I was comforted that i did not managed to work in there else i would be truly sorry for myself.
All this to inform you that you are unsuccessful. Sometimes it makes people wonder why they are so inefficient.

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