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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Salary post for those interested after qualification (compilation from prev threads)

CC: double-digits
Baker: 7.5k
WP: 6k
R&T: 5.8k
A&G: 5.6k
Drew: 5.6k
Rodyk: 5.5k
TSMP: 5k
L&L: 4.5k
RHT: 4.5k

Legal service (incld JLC): 4.8/4.4k (with NS, 1st/2.1); 4k/3.8k (wo NS, 1st/2.1) - seems low but this is payable from part b/RLT onwards and there is a further increment after 1 year or so
Can someone confirm that big four increases their NQ salary (for those qualified in August 2017) by $1k from 1 January 2018?

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