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There is so much focus simply because there aren't enough lawyers and there's a conscious effort to attract more people to join the industry. One way is of course to focus on the remuneration. As parasitic lawyers are, they are needed to support the finance industry and given how our economy is increasingly reliant on the finance sector, its not surprising that the government is going all out to get more warm bodies into the legal sector. From setting up SMU law faculty, increasing the intake in NUS to having more news coverage, its all quite obvious.

Just as a few years back when the government wanted to draw more to join the life sciences industry, there were articles and news reports on the remuneration and prospects all the time.

The sad truth is that, like politics and finance, law is a parasitic sector that only functions to move money from one part of society to another, or sometimes from one part of the world to another........there is very little value creation (whether tangible economic value created by entrepreneurs or intangible value creation by philantrophers, artists or educators). And when more and more young people get misguided by all these reports about the top salaries they can expect to get, you'll just get more dissatisfied people and less value creation overall.
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