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Originally Posted by lesmisrable View Post
I am a teacher earning 4.8k per month , been working for more than 10 years.
Mid age with young kid at home. Sole bread winner.

Recently I am thinking of making career switch, as I am now looking for a more flexible timing job, so as to arrange more time for family.

But I am not sure if it is a good choice to leave my current job.

Having said that the current job pay doesn't really tally with my workload and working experience, but it is still a stable job, at least still can take back those money home.

But this job is taking up too much of my time..

Would like to hear from you all, especially teachers who left the service and join new career , is it worth it to make a career switch?

A full time teaching job can be quite stressful. Part time tuition can be good. However please note that part time tuition has no bonus or cpf or other civil service benefits.

With your qualification it is easy to get $100-120 per hour in the private tuition market, Assuming five hours of work per week, (less than an hour a day) $2.4k is easy to get. And you can spend your free time doing whatever you like.

Sorry to burst your bubble but For other industry virtually zero chance of making the same amount of 4.8k. Unless you are talking abt the get rich scams, or suddenly overnight you transition into the best sales person ever in insurance or property.
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