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I will encourage those with the right aptitude to study Engineering. My first degree was actually in Physics but got a scholarship to do a Postgraduate in Engineering overseas immediately after graduation. I joined an Engineering consulting firm and rose up the ranks very fast to Chief Engineer after 7 years, not because of my specialist skills but because being uniquely Singaporean I was able to bridge cultures both East and West but also between the Japanese another Asians. Essentially my clients liked me. Unfortunately, As the nature of my work required me to be away from my wife almost 10 months a year, I resigned for the sake of my marriage. I was luckily approached by an MNC (oil and gas) almost immediately but I chose to not go into engineering but started at the bottom in the commercial function ad a sales rep. I do not regret this decision as I was lucky to go up the corporate ladder through the years. I now make about 600-700k per year. My years in Engineering aided me tremendously as it gave me an analytical mindset and the project management skills. Engineers are also not afraid of numbers and this aided me in my MBA and CFA which I did farely well. In fact most of my peers in senior management come from an Engineering background. Having a sound technical background also aided me when I led investment projects and also when I was seconded to head a global renewable energies company years ago. Don't ditch Engineering, it is an enabler up any corporate ladder. It doesn't matter too if you are a polygrad. Work hard and always continue to improve yourself. 3 years back when I was running a different department, I promoted my Regional Technical Manager to a full P&L business role heading up ASEAN and South Asia. I've not regretted my decision. He was a polygrad who upgraded himself to a masters degree and prior to joining my company worked his way up to Chief Engineer in a former GLC. He should easily be making more than 300k a year. So the moral of the story is Engineering does pay if you approach it in the right way.

Wow. Im really impress by you. When you joined in commercial function as sales rep, u had to start from the bottom?
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