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Sherwin29 01-03-2021 02:41 PM

Parc Central Residences EC Showflat 61008806
Parc Central EC residents term it their luxury, with over 30 facilities offering eternal moments of paradise. The developers intend to build a luxury EC with approximately 700 units on the executive condominium site of Parc Central Residences with an area of 24,938sqm and a capacity to yield a maximum of 69,829sqm GFA. It is beautifully built to establish an excellent balance between space, nature and the comfort of living in the city.

Explore a haven of adventure nestled in a natural sanctuary. Step off the beaten path, live up to thrilling adventures in order to immerse yourself in the calm of evergreen nature nearby. Feast and network at The Parc House Clubhouse, where you can host your party in an adjacent kitchen in the NYC steakhouse-style dining room or explore the Broadway Inspired Media Room. Entertain your family and friends like never before. Parc Central Residences still have the good times that are waiting for you, whether for me-time or family time.

For its various units, Parc Central Residences Layout has an exciting collection of configurations. Each architecture exhibits an environment that will allow its prospective residents to have an exceptional comfort that will welcome them every time they go home. The rooms range from 3 to 5 bedrooms in each unit, enabling the residence to accommodate small families.

The spacious characteristics of each home unit are improved by different home characteristics that make it the most perfect home you could ever think of. Not only is it spacious, but it also has an external balcony that offers its residents a majestic view of the neighborhood.

Visit Parc Central Residences EC for more info on brochure, price guide, floor plan, review.

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