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08-12-2020 04:19 AM
llugguss There are scams regarding anything these days, it's quite sad cause a lot of people are caught in them. I've heard of some myself and it wasn't pretty, it was a booking for a wedding and they sat waiting for the limo driver, who they paid a lot of money to for the deposit, to appear for like 30 minutes, it was ridiculous and it made everyone angry and not focus on the emotions you're supposed to have at a wedding. I always recommend researching a company before you put your faith in it. For example, for my 21st birthday, I hired these guys to provide limo services, but only after informing myself about them, and it all went soo smooth.
11-12-2016 07:49 PM
Unregistered Newspaper heading "Beware of bogus HDB contractors targeting the elderly"

This is another old scam that has been going around for a long time.
11-12-2016 06:50 AM
Unregistered Sorry to heard about your problems with this scam artist.

My relative got scam a few years back by another scam artist.

One of the problems you may face is the police labeling your case as a commercial dispute.

This was why scam artists at SIM LIM can operate for so long. As long as the police label them as commercial dispute, they will unlikely do anything.

My advice is that you stomp your story or call up the newspapers. If the english newspapers don't take up your story, call the chinese newspapers. I don't have to explain why SIM LIM SQUARE finally got clamped down.

The scam artist in my relative's case got away with 2k with no consequence. Sign~~~~.
09-12-2016 11:22 AM
Ray Yang

Hi, I am a vendor that provided some services to RSS. Has anyone been able to contact Ray or Michelle lately? Not sure what action I should take next to recover the amounts due to me.

Thank you.
21-11-2016 12:05 PM
scammer Ray Radley Yang

Originally Posted by Angry Joe View Post
Yes, let's make Ray Radley Yang spend some time in Changi. I called and spoken with Mr Chan. We need a few more people to step up. The number the poster post above is an office number, pls call only on weekday working hours.
Thanks, I just called, apparently there is a lot of suppilers facing same issue with Ray Radley Yang. His office has been seized thou. Not sure how hes gonig around collecting money.

Saw this in another forum

re posting for those who have not seen it.

s:// 128919522
20-11-2016 12:27 PM
Angry Joe
Conman Ray Radley Yang

Yes, let's make Ray Radley Yang spend some time in Changi. I called and spoken with Mr Chan. We need a few more people to step up. The number the poster post above is an office number, pls call only on weekday working hours.
18-11-2016 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I m the vendor for this company. Still have outstanding with him, and no one picks up the number now. PLease let me know if any one have idea of this Guy Ray. thanks
I know a group of people preparing to make a police report on Ray Radley Yang with regards to Renazon Technology on fraud and maybe commercial crime offenses. If you are keen, contact

65705020 And look for a Mr Chan.
18-11-2016 02:03 PM
Regarding Payments

I m the vendor for this company. Still have outstanding with him, and no one picks up the number now. PLease let me know if any one have idea of this Guy Ray. thanks
18-08-2016 08:19 PM
cheater rss limo

Hey Guys! better beware of this Ray Yang from RSS. There is no more employees with him. But he is still running the company. He is still accepting jobs and ask for deposits. then at the last minute he will cancel the job and not refund you. he is also known to offer jobs to other drivers when he is not able to do it. then in the end never pay them for their service. most of the ex employees already go to MOM. but he will not attend the court hearing and ask his wife to go. he changed the company name to his wife. he damn broke now. but he still so thick skin. all the cars he rent has been repo cause he never pay. he damn paiseh already. when the drivers ask him where is the car, he don't know what to say. no money but still cheating on wife. still renting big landed houses and condo. then just run away. bros, you all better beware of him. he is the mastermind. read the post below. it is a bit long lah hor. but please read and share with your friends. he still interviewing people to work with him and ask for deposit of 2k. he is a sweet-talker man. so beware guys. The intention is not to public shame but to raise awareness.

I am here to share with you about a con-man. We are a group of ex-employees for this company and we would like all of you to be aware of this man.

Ray Radley Yang has cheated all of us by not paying our salary & claims. We have made reports to MOM and are awaiting the verdict. However, he has transferred company rights to his wife in an attempt to safe himself. We would like justice to be served.

Our salaries aside, we are here to warn all of you about him. He has 2 companies which are RSS LIMO & RENAZON TECHNOLOGIES. Below is a list of his conniving tactics.

1. He will rent cars from big companies and not pay for the rent. He is currently still looking for cars to rent. So beware!

2. He will engage workshops for the car and not pay for the service used. Amounting to 30-40K currently!

3. He will offer his limo service and require you to pay an upfront deposit. And then he will not provide the service and will give excuses for it and cancel the job at the very last minute. He will not reimburse the deposit paid. Currently there are still customers who have paid deposit of thousands of dollars in credit and still not aware that the company does not have any cars & drivers. He is still bidding for jobs currently just in order to receive the money.

4. Potential employees will be asked to pay up a deposit of 2k before he let you start work with him. Petrol and cash card has to be paid by you first. Reimbursement is always delayed. And when drivers are no longer able to drive as their salary and claims are late, he will use that as an excuse to terminate you without compensation; forfeiting all your deposit, salary and claims.

5. In his office, there are stacks of IC & passports of ex-employees which he still keeps. He refuse to return it to them and they eventually gave up on trying to get them back. This itself is a CRIME! The police are not doing anything about this.

6. He is always renting houses & condos. And when he does not have money to pay, he will run away. So homeowners & agents, beware! Currently he is residing in Seletar area.

7. He cheats all his employees by refusing to pay their salary. He will manipulate the situation to his own advantage. He will deduct the employees salary for CPF contribution. But yet, there is no contribution in their CPF account at all. CPF is aware of this and yet nothing much has been done. Yet. He will deduct levy fees from the employees but did not use it to pay their work permit. MOM then will cancel their work permit due to non-payment which the employees are not even aware of.

8. He will employ female workers in his office and take them out for lunch and ask them to be his girlfriend. He will continue to pursue you even if you reject. He promises a good branded life to these girls if they agree to be his girlfriend. He is seen a few times in Orchard area with his girlfiends.

Ray Radley Yang is a married man with four children, one of which is only a few months old. He is unethical and immoral in his dealings.

Please viral this post as our main intention is to raise awareness about this man. He is still free and running. Still looking for opportunities to cheat people. This is a one-man show. All the cheating is done only by him, the mastermind. His employees sometimes are made to do his dirty work by force. His wife, Michelle may or may not be aware of what he is doing. But currently she has to take all the blame as her name is put as the owner of the company.

18-07-2016 08:29 PM
Originally Posted by Unknownisme View Post
I just join this Ray company. What should I do .. I might be the next victim
Depend on the contract you sign with him..
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