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intel 23-11-2011 02:53 PM

Job position available: Part-time/full-time telemarketer
Whether you're a student looking for the opportunity to gain some work experience or a working personnel motivated to enhance your income, you're welcome to apply for this job position.

You will be working in a comfortable office environment, coordinating appointments for the sales force.

Remuneration starts from $5/hr and increases based on experience and actual work performance.

Minimum age to apply is 16. Work place is at Tanjong Pagar.

Please send your resume OR a short write-up about yourself which includes:

1.Your Name

2.Date of Birth

3.Contact Number

4.Education Level

5.Current Status(Schooling, working, unemployed)

6.Most recent photo of yourself(Optional, but can greatly increase your chances of getting the call)

Email to [email protected]

You will be called up for a short interview session where hands on expertise will be passed on to you if you qualify for selection, the interview session will be kept strictly within an hour limit.

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