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subzero 12-01-2011 11:50 AM

Opportunity to earn some extra income
Distributors wanted for negative ions clothes, these clothes can benefit the body by 4 ways

1. Cleanse the blood
2. Revitalize cells
3. Boost immune system
4. Regulate autonomous system

earn anywhere from 10 to 32 percent commission, no min to meet every month so you can do this at your own pace, own time. for more information, pls email me at [email protected]

Logeerark 22-03-2012 02:53 AM

Full Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: Part Two
Way back in 2003, before she was famous, she was just another girl on the party scene in LA, and best friends with Paris Hilton. She was dating a rapper named Ray J at the time and the two headed off for Mexico and filmed what would become one of the most downloaded videos the internet has ever seenů
Dubbed Kim K Superstar, the 39 minute DVD was released in 2007 after Porn purveyor Vivid bought the rights and settled with Kardashian for $5 million dollars and immediately began selling the footage. The DVD sold over 1 million copies.
Now, in a new twist, Vivid has released all of their Kim K sex tape footage... and it's even more uncensored and longer than we imagined.
Dubbed "Kim K Superstar, Part 2" the full online version is over 1 hour 40 minutes long.

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