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UpcomingLaunches 20-01-2019 06:04 PM

Upcoming Freehold Development in 1 Seraya Crescent
Lattice One

New Launch Condo

Tee Land is at the helm of developing this much-anticipated project. They have successfully developed numerous residential and commercial developments not only in Singapore but overseas as well. In Singapore, a total of 15 projects have been completed while many, including Lattice One, is currently under development. One of their past launches includes 183 Longhaus.

Both the interior and exterior of this development are beautifully designed and architected. Developer and the architects have taken care of each and every aspect to make sure the residents have a luxurious experience living in it. The fašade is ornamented with beautiful trees that add an element of freshness to the whole development and enhance its beauty.

Lattice One Floor Plans

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