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Hong Kong Property Prices Plunged
Property prices in Hong Kong nosedived 10% in the past 3 months, and are likely to drop a further 10% by year end.

You heard it right - a 20% decline in HK housing prices. This is according to a report from HK China News Agency (see article).

A $1m house will now sell for $800k.

What about Singapore?

Turns out that my humble, er, prediction was way off target. :)

The property prices here are still obstinately holding up well. [Update: URA just released its Q3 2008 flash estimates. Prices of condos and apartments in Singapore have declined by 1.8%.]

I say, give it another 3 months. I hope I'll be second time lucky.

savvy-- 02-10-2008 06:25 PM

hk is linked to china, china drop a lot,.. all the hype there, and affected hk, so hk drop so much...

sg not so close to hk, plus we have the backing of some resorts... hopefully can sustain it a little, like macau, i dun think the prop price there drop like in hk . !! ???

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