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Bleland 11-12-2020 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Vynryal (Post 150960)
Nice advices, but what if my parents need senior living community and I lived in their house. This house will be for sale soon.

Hello Vynryal. Your question is interesting but some key details would make life easier. Where do you stay (state, city)? How much time do you have before the house will be under real estate agency work. Would recommend assisted living community Minneapolis as most interesting and safe places for your relatives to live and spend their time together. They have strong values and interesting lifestyle for their residents. Besides that big campus is present where daily walks are filled with smiles. They have church and many entertainment programs to fill days with many possible interesting things.

ArnoldWilder 03-02-2021 02:24 AM

It depends on what you want. But I want to suggest you take an inspection company that controls all the house for providing you all the problems of the house. I can recommend you the Total Home Inspections by thinspect because their team is the best in this domain and they will give a detailed report on what they found. I was very satisfied with their work because I live in a house that was controlled by them and they were right in everything that they found. I hope that you will find a good house.

Unregistered 10-06-2021 02:19 AM

I still live in a condominium and I'm not planning on leaving because I find it very convenient. A house requires a lot more finances and not only.

StewartHemmings 15-06-2021 09:29 PM

Obviously, the house needs to be bought the one for which there is enough money. The price of real estate depends on a vast number of factors. If your small condo is located in a large city center, it may cost more than a whole house elsewhere. Need a little more specifics. If it's not just about the price, listen not only to your brain but also to your heart. You should be pleased to be there. Some things cannot be changed. For example, I didn't like the plaque with the house number. I quickly changed it to a new adorable plaque But perhaps there will be things with which it will become difficult to measure, and it will be impossible to change them.

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