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nova19 14-08-2010 11:42 AM

Distance degree not recognized in civil service
I graduated from a distance learning graphic design Australian degree. The course was 1 and half years with average grades.

I just joined civil service a month back and I am under the MSS 2008 scheme grade 6. I am hoping to convert to the MX scheme.

I am thinking whether should I retake a degree with UniSIM or should I go for Masters instead. I had asked HR whether UniSIM is recognized but they did not give me a very clear answer.

If I go for Masters would I still be considered for MX scheme? Or must I retake my degree?

Any advice would be appreciated, tks.

Unregistered 14-08-2010 11:26 PM

In stats board / civil service etc, a convesion of scheme (eg from mss to mx) is considered to be a hassle. Needs approval from your head etc, paperwork to be done. I presume that your cuurent position is one of the those support work type, one which the hr is only matching to those of a mss scheme (aka poly dip holders). Therefore, it is unlikely you will be converted even you go for a masters or local Udegree. Options :

Exit and come back if you really like civil servant job
Ask for a transfer of appointment, one to that which needs a MX scheme as stated in the job description.

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