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lulu98042 16-11-2009 11:21 AM

Need advice: FX dealer
Hi All

I am in my mid career in a corporate services function as a risk analyst in an engineering firm.
As a candidate for CFA level 3 ... looking for a change to FX dealer
Recently I saw the advertisement of Ong First , hiring FX dealer

Would like to give it a try , but have a few doubts

1. May I know the pay for a FX dealer, with 2 years of non-FX relevant experience?

2. May i know the career advancement from this position ? high chance to go into investment bank ? Any career advancement ? what are the prospects ?

3. I read about the salary report by MoM on 2008 . I am surprised to see Fx dealer is ranked as top 5 best paid job. May i know, is this a common scenario ? or the number is being dragged by outliers ?

4. Anybody comments about the reputation of Ong First ?

Any suggestion ?


Unregistered 16-11-2009 12:29 PM

Is Ong First hiring people with no experience? From it's website, it seems they want people with min 2 years and CMFAS certifications:

Ong First Tradition Pte Ltd - About Us ( Career )

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