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ST engineering starting pay

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
can concur, dont bother pushing so hard for promotion, 99% of the time you will have an incompetent team member doing absolutely nothing but drawing quite a high pay and coming late and going home early everyday

really useless employee
agreed, if u choose to work in this company with such teammates, u are retarded

ownself pwn ownself

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Old 27-02-2023, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Agreed. Our team got a superstar coder.
He come as early as 7 am. Then leave at 7 pm.
Weekend also work! His choice. He is aiming for promotion etc. Want a fast tracked career.
Our team lead basically told him to relax. He can't give him any better performance review.
Just average cause thats the culture.

The superstar was devastated. This was 3 months before the performance review.
He was fixing bugs for production issue, was helping in prototyping. Was helping in R&D. Even write a paper for tech idea for internal competition which the team won BTW.

But the team lead basically said the senior management will downgrade, there is nothing he can do. He can't put all max points. Must have weaknesses to deduct point.

The superstar didn't take it well. He basically started coming in late at 945 am even later than most senior at 9 am. He also leave 10 min earlier now to catch the shuttle bus....

I asked him "you angry is it?"

He said "no ah the team lead ask me to not work so hard. This is me not working hard."
His performance was the same as every other fresh staff. Meet expectation. Bonus also same. We know. We confirmed with each other.

At first we were teasing him that he worked so hard the bonus must be damn good. But he showed us is the same as most of the team. But at the same time the team lead was promoted to assistant principal engineer M1. And the team lead can't even code. He just delegate work and check in progress

Sad to say, our superstar have left to join govtech. Now all the **** come to us and we don't know how to fix haha. All planning to quit let the team lead settle. But guess what, they hired a fresh grad and basically push everything to the new guy.

Most of us waiting for bonus then leave. Quiet quitting

Yes work hard does not equate promotion. So don't work so hard.
Better spend time to suck up to the boss who will promote you.
If they like you, you smile alot, polite alot, do all their bidding like slave they will use you.
Then when everyone else quit and there is a quota to promote you, then that's your chance.
I not from STE, from other BU. I cannot code.
Same thing. Help to set up a new lab and tear down existing one.
Plan all budgets as well as leading team members to do the transition.

Manager get the credit saying if he never there to manage this transfer won't be so successful.
While all the 3 months he not around

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