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Foreign Workers' Income

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Old 12-11-2007, 07:09 PM
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Default Foreign Workers' Income

Two days ago, a Straits Times Insight article mentioned that there were 756,000 foreign workers in Singapore last year.

Foreign talent accounts for 30.3% of our work force. This means that out of the 2.5 million working adults in Singapore, 3 in 10 are foreigners.

Not all of them are highly paid though.

The article went on to say that 645,000 were in fact low-skilled workers on work permits. According to the Ministry of Manpower (link), a foreign worker on work permit earns a basic salary of not more than $1,800 (not including bonus).

The rest - about 110,000 of them - are working in Singapore on employment passes and S-passes.

A worker on S-pass earns a fixed monthly salary of at least $1,800.

As for employment passes or "EP", there are 3 types: P1 Pass, P2 Pass, and Q Pass. Apparently, the P1 Pass is the most "prestigious", as a foreign talent qualifying for it has to make a fixed monthly salary of more than $7,000. For P2 Pass, the figure is $3,500, and for Q Pass it is $2,500.

So now you know. The bulk of the foreign work force here makes less than $1,800/month (well, not counting bonuses, but I don't think they get a lot of bonuses unless their employers are trying to be funny).

However, the remaining 110,000 foreign talent make upwards of $1,800/month. Those on P1 Pass make much more, at more than $7k a month. What is the breakdown by various passes? I do not know...

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Old 13-11-2007, 07:17 PM
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Default 542

The numbers were also mentioned in the ST front page news one day earlier (Nov 9), which also mentioned that as of June this year there were 3.68 million PRs+citizens, and 1 million foreigners. Out of the 1m foreigners, 756k are working.

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Old 13-11-2007, 09:09 PM
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The construction workers get paid about $12.00 to $15.00 per day. If it rains, their pay will be deducted. With flour price rising, how are the Indians, Bangladeshis and Nepalis going to sustain even their staple diet of roti prata, etc.

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Old 12-11-2008, 09:09 PM
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Yeah most are earning less than 1.8k, but those are mostly gileng... if you exclude them, then foreign workers are earning decent cash
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Old 02-10-2015, 09:36 AM
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Can someone explain to me what the average foreign worker gets? Especially those working in the construction industry?

What's the typical monthly salary? ($500 to $1500 is my understanding)
Are they subject to any special taxes/levies?
Do they receive any other benefits such as accommodation or healthcare, and the out-of-pocket cost of these?

I have one link with some information but it has limited details:

I'm trying to figure out how much they get, including any extra benefits.

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