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springday 31-08-2015 03:08 PM

reason fort internal transfer
Hi.. I just joined my company for 6mths and due for probation in 2 weeks time. I like the work that I'm doing and I've a nice boss. I lead a small team of 3 in my current role and 2 of them hated me and have been trying to make things difficult for me. They do not tell me how things are done here and when i had done sthg wrong, instead of telling me, they will inform boss or email everyone abt it. And they showed me the black face attitude and use unfriendly tone to respond me everytime i tried to initiate conversations.

My role is an new headcount so in a way if i want hired, they will enjoy more freedom and able to work directly with bosses.

The tension is so uncomfortable that i felt depressed everyday. Instead of quitting, I'm thinking of telling my boss that i would like an internal transfer. How to bring up this topic and reason to state to HR so that it doesn't look like I'm the one who had problem? I never had problem interacting with people from different level, and a lot of incidents showed that they are the ones trying to be difficult. Can help me pls? Thanks.

springday 31-08-2015 03:29 PM

Sorry.. Typo.. Auto-correct by hp..
I meant "My role is a new headcount so in a way if i wasn't hired, they will enjoy more freedom and able to work directly with bosses."

Unregistered 31-08-2015 04:51 PM

why dun u talk to your boss first?

aplover 31-08-2015 05:14 PM

TS, you don't lead your team if you are not responsible for them or manage them or even have the power to fire them. This is a very lousy management position to have. One whereby you supposedly have to 'lead' but you have no control/power over people. Your this team of 3 report to your boss right? You don't know their salaries or background or anything right?

Speak to your boss about this immediately and rectify the situation either you have the power to manage/fire your team of 3 or don't be the leader. Never be a leader unless you have real responsibilities and management directive over your team.

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