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Higher starting salaries for MINDEF and SAF entrants
MINDEF has announced that fresh entrants into MINDEF and SAF will get a higher starting pay.

In its press release, I noted that accountant entrants with good honours degrees get the highest increase (16.1%), followed by management executives with good honours (15.8%). Management executives and accountants are part of MINDEF's non-uniformed officer scheme, or what they call "DXOs" - Defence Executive Officers.

However, the highest absolute starting pay is still reserved for the uniformed combat military officer entrants. Lieutenants with good honours now get a starting pay of $3,860, about 3.2% up from the previous $3,740.

These are the starting salaries for the MINDEF and SAF entrants, sorted from highest to lowest:

- Lieutenant (good honours) - $3,860
- Officer Cadet (good honours) - $3,500
- Lieutenant (degree) - $3,430
- Accountants (good honours) - $3,180
- Management Executives (good honours) - $3,080
- Officer Cadet (degree) - $2,940
- Accountants (degree) - $2,670
- Management Executives (degree) - $2,590
- Lieutenant (diploma) - $2,520
- Lieutenant (A-level) - $2,160
- Officer Cadet (diploma) - $2,100
- Officer Cadet (A-level) - $1,970

Interestingly, a diploma holder makes more than an A-level holder, by up to $360 for lieutenant entrants. So, if you are quite sure you want to stop schooling 2 to 3 years after your O levels, go to a polytechnic!

alan--- 05-04-2008 08:21 PM

what about specs regular pays?

the pay difference between specs and officers is about $400. If sign-on as specs, when you know that being a specs is very hard to make you go far and do study for degree. It is also hard to break the bound even you have $$$.

Specs is like do all the **** works that given from offices, even specs done the work well, they don't get awarded but his/her office will get awarded and get himself promoted.

Feel like being specs is just for people who want to get a fix life less stress and no need to think about tomorrow type of people should go for it. But the problem is it is only for 10 years. After 10 years i think specs can suffer like hell when they are no more a regular.

CusWetseteddy 06-04-2012 07:31 AM

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