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Unregistered 25-01-2016 12:19 PM

Exactly, if you have friends or relevant contacts, this is common knowledge.

That's why I said maybe it's some suaku from some loser place/school whatever.

Unregistered 26-01-2016 03:55 PM

Business Analyst
What does a BA in insurance domain do? is it a **** hole??

Unregistered 29-01-2016 12:40 AM

Oil Major Trading Graduate Program: 4.6k/month with AWS, bonus 1 months usually.

Unregistered 25-04-2019 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by FreshGrad15 (Post 59681)
Hi all, this is for all undergraduates/fresh graduates. Could we compile the monthly starting salaries for the benefit of all out there? :)

OCBC Young Bankers - $3,600
DBS MA - $3,900 - $4,800
Stanchart IG -
Citi MA -
Goldman -

Big 4 Auditing (KPMG/PWC/Deloitte/E&Y) - $2,800
Big 4 Advisory (CF/MC) -
Shell Programme -
Exxon Programme -
GSK Programme -
P&G Programme -
Unilever Programme -
Singtel MA -

Wow this is a good thread, my humble contribution via network n contacts:

OCBC GTP Ops&Tech - 4.1
DHL MAP - 3 to 3.5k
Redmart Tech grad - 5k
Lazada/Redmart Ops - 3.5
Micron semicon - 3.3 to 4k
SIA exec - 3 to 3.3k

Unregistered 25-04-2019 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 78714)
Believe what you will, you must be an SIM clown who can't get anything or go anywhere.

F_ucking loser. This is common knowledge to most local grads, or top 25%.

I can have you speak to some of these people but you are such a frog in the well you should just stay there and socialize with rats instead.

Woah woah I'm not the guy who posted the previous comments but I am from SIM lol. Please don't stereotype and condemn the school cause of people like him. I can confirm that the figures you stated are more or less correct cause despite being from SIM I do have friends who aren't and it is indeed common knowledge to ANYONE who bothers to find out the starting salary of good roles regardless if you're in SIM or not.

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