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admin--- 24-02-2008 12:09 PM

CK, I would say, "a lot".
Danny, as I understand it, a fresh med grad will first have to work as an MO in government clinics, and work on specialising along the way. The pay as MO or GP is not really fascinating, and after a few years may be comparable to that of a GP in private practice.
For a specialist, the pay is of course significantly higher.

DUhz--- 12-03-2008 11:02 PM

'Dun be silly. optometrist in Singapore are not at all well paid. From what I hear they do not have increments every year like other jobs and its pretty stagnant.And from the wroking hours they contribute, you should calculate thier per hour pay is pretty low actually. From what I know some optometrist leave their job in a few years to go to business or banking where their monthly is much higher and they have much higher increments every year.

Dr.Radha.R--- 31-03-2008 04:57 PM

i have done MBBS,MD(community medicine)from india what will be my pay?

Cynic--- 09-05-2008 11:11 AM

Haha this is rubbish. No idea where the private bankers earning 6.5k are from. I work in a private bank. their assistants are already getting 6.5k.

Desmond--- 16-06-2008 02:11 PM

This survey certainly has it's flaw. From my personal experience, REAL ESTATE BROKER earns the most.

I made $560,000 in a year.
Average monthly - $40K to $120K

Enough said

Right--- 16-06-2008 04:22 PM

So, Desmond, what about the average real estate broker? Does everyone else make as much as you?

Dude--- 22-06-2008 02:34 AM

I think this is misleading as the medicos salary is computed as base pay and medics hardly ever (if ever!) get bonuses. It would be much more meaningful to publish annual income with bonuses included, and to give the 50th rather than 75th percentile.

Also, why only specify specialist surgeons and what exactly do the mean by "general physicians"? It is a rather vague term which can be variously interpreted as either any internal medicine specialist (e.g. cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist etc.), internal medicine specialists specializing in general internal medicine (unlikely since there are only about 30+ in Singapore and they're not very well paid, and I find it hard to believe they are paid more than anethesiologists, radiologists and other procedurists), GPs, or something else altogether.

Interns get about $48,000 a year. As for surgeons, it takes a rather long time to actually become one. , since there's one year internship, typically 2 years residency as an RMO, then 6 years of full time training assuming your offspring passes all his/her exams the first time round, which statistically speaking is unlikely. Note that more popular surgical specialties like cardiothoracic surgery and ophthalmology would usually take 4 years of residency/unaccredited registrar work just to become a registrar.

Capt. Thum Ban Shii-- 14-01-2009 12:02 PM

Regarding the ship master on the rank 80 of S$ 4945, I am sure this salary is of 1993 (15 years back). Now the salary of ship master for Filipino, my company is paying USD 7,500 per month, equivalent to S$10,875 per month.
While for Singaporean and Malaysian, we are paying USD 9,500 per month, equivalent to S$13,775. One year work 8 months onboard and rest 4 months. Salary 12 months + 1 month AWS + 3 months bonus. If include bonus and AWS, it will come to S$18,366 per month for Singaporean and Malaysian. This salary is apply to container ship, tankers and AHT. For chemical tanker and LNG, salary will be 30% higher. Further, working onboard Singapore flag ship, all salary is tax exempted. I am welcome more Singaporean to go to sailing.

shyamantha-- 02-02-2009 01:47 AM

I would like to know more details about no:96 sivil Engineer job.

thanking you

Hz-- 02-02-2009 06:25 PM

Is Getting An Accountant Job Without An ACCA Cert Really Impossible? LoL
And Whats The Difference Between Accountant And Auditor? I'm Having A Misconception..

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