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Reference Checks: Does SG HR really check them??

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Old 21-10-2018, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Health is a sensitive topic, and as long as it doesnt affect thr job performance, shouldnt the employee be allowed their privacy? This isnt as bad as lying about employment or education isnt it? It is simply to avoid workplace discrimination and I think individuals should have the rights to protect themselves in this aspect.

Anyway, how will they find out?
Maybe they will contact insurance companies? Check with your family doctor? These days we need to disclose a lot on the employment forms and background checks are getting more complex.

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Old 27-10-2018, 11:28 AM
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I will frame the perspective differently.

Assuming employer decide to terminate you on medical reasons, is that even allowed?
If it is allowed, then it make sense not to give the 'ammunition' to them by letting them know you are not healthy.

But then on the otherhand, if you are really not healthy and want to hide/lie to get a job then you are intentionally witholding material information that may legitimately cause you to to be fired.

But if employer openly states they do not discriminate against candidates for health, race, language, citizenship, etc . Then as a candidate, if you declare the 'unhealthy' status and is not offered a job.... you can complain to MOM or somewhere

So in a nutshell, why not just be trueful on your health status?

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Old 08-11-2018, 11:02 PM
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Default truth of background checks in Singapore

Hello everyone,
I work with the HR of a multinational bank that hires from other countries as well as Singpaore. I conduct hundreds of background checks all the time. Previously I worked with one of the background check companies and I know how they are making easy money.

For starters, several facts in Singapore are impossible to verify. eg credit checks, criminal history, arrest record, etc. My comany charged 500$ to merely check the IPTO bankruptcy records. We could check these records for free. We never could check if a guy had been arrested in Singapore. Yet banks were happy to pay us 500$ to check. Same for loan and repayment records of an applicant.

Even previous employers did not always respond or respond with relevant details.

To cut a long story shot, save money. Background check companies are not worth the money. You can check for yourself if your employees are backrupt. Other details can never be checked properly. Go with your gut, not with an overpriced agency.

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