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Unregistered 15-02-2017 01:36 PM

don't think it is necessarily just 2-3 yrs of experience, although it could be a factor if the working experience is from a field that they are not looking for. If the field is something they want/need, then no of yrs should not be a factor unless they cannot afford to match the compensation

Unregistered 15-02-2017 01:37 PM

They don't have to know and I don't think they care anyway, probably they're just given some guidelines on what they are looking out for, then the reviewer of the cv will select those matching the requirements. I suppose the hidden requirement is perhaps a good degree class and working experience of less than 3 years.

saiyan2005 15-02-2017 01:38 PM

True also. Nvm time for other job then

Unregistered 15-02-2017 01:45 PM

I think the matching of compensation here is Abit tricky in the sense that we are unlikely to have relevant experience as this is an investigator role, unless formerly from SPF or something similar. And if your current pay is $6k and your experience is not entirely relevant, then those seniors who are inside and slowly rose through the ranks drawing perhaps 5k or less after 3 years. It's gonna feel so weird for them, someone coming in without experience and drawing more than them. CPIB is investigating corruption, with highly authorised access to any information. It's not something we can learn in the private sector and still be legal.

Havic 15-02-2017 01:56 PM

All the best guys, didn't make it either

Unregistered 15-02-2017 07:00 PM

Last minute call!!!

Unregistered 16-02-2017 09:08 AM

Hi I've reached the venue, anyone else?

Unregistered 16-02-2017 09:51 AM

Let's meet at the tea tray later

Unregistered 16-02-2017 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by saiyan2005 (Post 94600)
Same for me. Unsuccessful

Applying others? I submitted my resume to Big4. 😂 Still feeling sad about the rejection. Oh well...

Unregistered 16-02-2017 05:08 PM

Two things..

1. they are not looking for specific years of experience, but there is a preference for matured applicants

2. there is some obsession over history of alcoholic and substance abuse

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