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Unregistered 13-02-2017 01:31 PM

Yeap, still no call...

Unregistered 13-02-2017 01:59 PM

The application period is closed right? Usually when is roughly CPIB recruitment drives?

Unregistered 13-02-2017 03:23 PM

got the call
full day tea session and tests etc.. but a bit late notice. There should be others contacted by now if not earlier

saiyan2005 13-02-2017 03:25 PM

U received call today??

Unregistered 13-02-2017 04:09 PM

But it was really late. So maybe they alrdy have a lot of freshers

saiyan2005 13-02-2017 04:10 PM

U fresh grad??

saiyan2005 13-02-2017 04:13 PM

Anyone got call yet??

xxx 13-02-2017 04:14 PM

May i know when is the tea session?

Unregistered 13-02-2017 07:39 PM

How many ppl are they recruiting this year?

Unregistered 13-02-2017 07:56 PM

Sian i didnt get the call. hopefully today is the first round and theyll continue tmr

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