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dodochicks 21-07-2020 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 142211)
As an S1, Iím only drawing 4350 gross.

If you have any friends in Big 4. Trust me, theyíll dread their stint. Working hours are insanely long and being thrown into a detail with minimal headcount is insane. All of us are waiting for the opportune chance to jump ship. Anywhere is better than audit.

Canít believe Iím turning into a boomer... but I decided to jump ship to the govt side to settle down and start a family.

how old are you?

Unregistered 21-07-2020 01:21 AM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 142186)
Is yours a local degree?

No. Bachelors from Australian National University and Masters from University of Hong Kong.

Unregistered 24-07-2020 12:24 PM

Hi.. I was called up for the full day psychometric assessment too.. But I noticed there's no indication of any interviews (1-1/group) in the email.. Can anyone shed any insight on what to expect?

Unregistered 29-07-2020 05:33 PM

Ex-auditor as well but got rejected.. guess my results from uni donít make the cut.


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 142196)
I got shortlisted for psychometric (IO) on early Aug but no interview. Should I be worried?

Background: poly grad + private uni cert with 5 years of audit experience with Big 4 under tax (currently S1 pay grade)

Any mid-experienced hire here? Whenís the right time to tender my resignation lol. Cuz I require at least 3 months notice.

Unregistered 31-07-2020 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 142930)
Ex-auditor as well but got rejected.. guess my results from uni donít make the cut.

If youíre still passionate about the role, I urge you to reapply! Perhaps add in a cover letter (first page) and SM/M referral (last page) to your resume when you upload it on your [email protected] application.

CPIB is one of the more forgiving branch when it comes to academic results as they have a strong preference for guys with tangible work experience.

All the best!

Unregistered 01-08-2020 02:42 AM

No use one la... All these talk about passion and putting in extra effort to dress up your application. End up still lose to some fresh grad with better grades, CCA and "leadership". Plus they are not hiring right now. Just apply and go about your way, why waste time on an organisation that obviously isn't very keen on hiring, which can be seen from the hundreds of responses about slow replies or even complete silence

Unregistered 02-08-2020 06:53 PM

It is not true that they have preference over STEM students.

I was an Arts local undergrad back then and was grateful to be given a shot (I think it was round2?)

Round 1 was the test.
Round 2 was the interview.

Unsure if there is a round 3, though. Felt I was very close to getting in and also had the luck of a IO there who for some reason wished me luck! Too bad I was so nervy then that I fked up my interview.

But oh wells

Unregistered 04-08-2020 12:50 PM

any news on the cpia outcome after the panel interview?

Unregistered 11-09-2020 11:34 AM

Anyone got updates? i didnt hear from them after the psy-test. anyone got rejection email from [email protected] yet? or rejection email from them directly?

Barebear 17-09-2020 10:19 PM

Anyone know when is the next opening for CPIA? TIA

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