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Razorsharp 13-03-2012 01:40 PM

PSA system analyst

I would like to ask if anyone here is from PSA doing system analyst? I would like to ask about your opinion on this job. Like working environment, the career progress, salary. Thanks in advanced!

phantom73 13-03-2012 08:44 PM

System Analyst is too generic. What is the grade they offer you?

Razorsharp 13-03-2012 11:41 PM

Ohh.. I wasn't aware that there are different grades. What are the different grades and their salary range?

phantom73 14-03-2012 01:30 PM

Canít say for sure since itís not publicized. PSA is GLC, so should be following the normal GLC ranges:

E3 ~2k
E4 ~2.6k
E5 ~3.6k
E6 ~4.2k

For system analyst E6 should be max, donít think it will get higher than that.

Unregistered 16-03-2012 02:45 PM

Well, although called system analyst, they are partly BA since they need to have domain knowledge of the port business to work on the systems. It is really an IT line of job as analyzing and debugging of code is much needed in the daily maintenance work. On top of maintenance, there will be change requests or bug fixes which the users of the systems will need.

Remuneration is okay, ~3.1k + extra allowances for performing duties for a fresh graduate. And there is gd bonus to look at IF our Singapore port is busy...

Unregistered 10-01-2014 11:33 AM

Yes, they are also partly a Business Analyst. The environment is pretty standard like most office environment you would see. They would be required to learn about the domain knowledge and be well-versed in it.

The salary is about +-3.2K. There are also many benefits and allowances on top of that like 24/7 duty allowances, vouchers and so on.

The career progression is quite good.

Bonus is excellent.

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