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ForeignerInSG 11-02-2020 02:44 PM

Possible salary at SUTD as project manager?
I have applied for a position as a project manager of a research project, I was wondering if it would be worth it to move to SG as what could be the salary plus other benefits?

I have citizenship and PhD from a western country, fluent in english, and have 5+ years of professional engineering experience.

Unregistered 11-02-2020 08:13 PM

I think as a western-educated foreigner, you can earn up to $10,000 SGD as you are very capable.

ForeignerInSG 12-02-2020 07:11 AM

I wonder what are other benefits beside salary? How many bonuses per year?

Unregistered 13-02-2020 08:11 PM

For in-demand foreign talent like yourself, easily 4x quarterly bonus, plus 13th mth bonus and year-on-year increment. Should not expect anything less than $180,000 per annum

ForeignerInSG 13-02-2020 08:20 PM

But it is an University, academic pay is not that high. I think you mean in industry the pay should be 180k?

Unregistered 14-02-2020 04:21 PM

Regardless in industry or in academia, you can be assured of a high salary quoted above, being a Foreign Talent. You may refer to the various Foreign Talent Schemes setup by the Singapore government to attract talent like yourself to work here.

Best of luck

Unregistered 15-02-2020 07:59 AM

Ballpark SGD$250,000 for FTs in your role at a minimum, inclusive of SPGs at clarke quay. Try to avoid being lowballed here.

ForeignerInSG 15-02-2020 01:03 PM

You mean in industry job? Academia/university will never pay this much.

Unregistered 15-02-2020 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by ForeignerInSG (Post 128888)
You mean in industry job? Academia/university will never pay this much.

How much does academia pay?

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