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timb4455 15-10-2019 08:40 PM

Project management
Hi there.

I'm currently studying at a university in a Scandinavian country. In a few years time, I will have completed both my bachelor's and master's degrees. My wife is Malaysian so we would like to relocate to Singapore since it will be very close to her home.

I am thinking about how to best approach this relocation. My plan is to work as a project manager. I'm pretty sure it will be quite difficult to land an entry-level job in Singapore from overseas, so I may need to work for a year or so to acquire some experience.

So far I have the following potential scenarios:

- Graduate and apply to a company in SG directly, get lucky
- Graduate and work here in this country for a little while, and then apply
- Graduate and work for a company here that has an office in SG, and then internally transfer

What do you guys think would increase my chances of getting a better salary? I'm in doubt about the first scenario as I'm fairly sure that even if I land an offer, that it will be pretty low. The second and third scenarios are probably more realistic and beneficial; however, on a personal note, my wife and myself despise living here (guess the grass is always greener on the other side, right?). The weather and the way of life just don't jive with us, so we'd like to get away as soon as possible.

So I'm not sure what direction to take. Do you guys have any input?

Best regards,


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