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mummychew 10-12-2010 10:18 PM

Opinions on this offer

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Qualifications: Graduated with Bachelors of Accountancy in 2007 (Pass with Merit)
Working Experience:1 year with Big 4

Left Big 4 in 2008 to care for my kids. I have 2 children now and did not work for the past two years.

I recently got an offer from a shipping co. My last drawn pay was $2,800 and that was my indicated expected salary. However, the shipping co only offered $2,400 with probation of 6 months. The HR manager told me that there will be no revision of salary after the probation and the next adjustment of pay will be in 2012. Meanwhile, during the 6 months, I wont have any annual leave. Instead I earn one day of leave for every month I work.What do you guys think about this offer? Do shipping companies pay very good bonuses?

Also, I went for an interview with a Government Ministry yesterday and feel that the interview went quite well. I would like to know what can I expect the Ministry to offer me. I only had a pass with merit degree and one year of working experience.

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