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May I request a Cover Letter + CV Review? Thanks so much!

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Old 23-10-2018, 04:25 PM
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Default May I request a Cover Letter + CV Review? Thanks so much!

I met with a few employers and they have shared with me that they look out for CVs that catch their attention. Have I done well in this regard?

The recruitment agency withheld the company's name, so I was unable to address the hiring manager directly. Should I not send them a cover letter in that case?

Role that I'm applying for :

Cover Letter:

(Some information redacted to prevent self-doxxing)

CV :

I appreciate all the advice guys!!

A recruitment agency boss told me I would have a hard time because I used to work for the military, and that I'm switching to an unrelated field WITHOUT a degree. When they see MINDEF, they auto delete as the civil service isn't that well respected in my country.

When they see I used to draw $4k, and now asking $2.5k, they usually skip it over as according to them, statistics show applicants with such a huge pay cut will not stay longer than 3 mths and leave for a higher offer soon after. I had to remove all allowances and adjust my last drawn pay to an acceptable range...

"But I'm REALLY not a jobhopper..."

"No one would believe you bud, the robot says 90% chance you will, and I'm not betting my commission on you."


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Old 24-10-2018, 10:19 AM
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The requirements are very specific. Minimum a degree with some industry experience. Specifically, in semiconductor. You have to consider from the company HR's point of view. They will probably receive many candidates that will fit their criteria already so they probably will not be spending time to look through cover letters. You know they won't because they have outsourced the hiring to a recruitment agency. They want their recruits fast and well fitted. I think your chances are slim.

On another point, it's no longer true that CS or Mindef personnel had it harder when finding jobs outside. I have met former CS/Mindef people who are doing well in logistics, project management and even finance. Somehow it's very weird that only SGreans don't hold their CS in high regard when foreigners think that our CS is a miracle. Lol.

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Old 25-10-2018, 12:48 AM
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IMHO, I think no harm sending in since your existing experience is pretty fair. Although chances are fairly slim since the requirements are really specific.

I think the key part of your CV should should not about your leadership, but more about your ability to churn out reports pertaining to new products, such as research, analysis and results of tests. Your CV seems fairly well written (I hope it is by you and not vetted by someone else)

Btw what is the reason for leaving SAF? 4k salary is really good... not sure how long you will take to build back to 4k.

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Old 25-10-2018, 02:00 AM
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Yup, I did do it myself, I actually did that crazy fancy menu looking like resume before I wise-d up and used a Recruiter's format.

I left SAF as I felt I was getting too comfortable, and that I had a dream to chase, and SAF could not bring me there. Yes, the pay is very good, but my unit was one that heavily depended on activity from our neighbours and there was not much to do.

To be fair, our work is extremely important. One missed report or information is critical and can mean the difference between we win first or we die first. So its not jiak liao bee.

But the polite answer is that we are too peaceful now. That's a VERY good thing. May it last forever.

But as an individual, I found myself slowly counting down the seconds to pangkang for 7 hours every day.

I'm young, I got energy, and those 7 hours were a huge drain. We could not bring any electronics into the office, we could not bring any other reading material.

And I was only ME1-2, and most post out openings were for ME2-2 onwards, which meant I would be stuck there for another 6 years more. So I got out once my bond was up.

I don't know how long it will take to build up to 4k again, and I kinda refuse to become part of the statistic, where 90% of ex-SAF become GRAB/Property/Insurance. Literally 5 out of the last 6 that left are now insurance agents wtf..

I believe there is more.
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Old 23-07-2020, 09:54 AM
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Hello fellow job hunter.

I skimmed on your CV and resume. I am not a recruiter, but I think I did what a typical recruiter did, look out for very specific information to grant you my phone call.

Cover letter, a bit too long. Try not to bold specific words because I know you reuse the same cover letter but change a few phrases to meet the new application. Try to make it a new letter every time you send it to a new application.
Based on my experience, recruiters don't really read our cover letter. So try to make it very short, say WHAT YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE.

Resume is fair. I am not sure, I don't indicate my expected salary or availability. Age I don't indicate either. Hmm other than that I am not sure how it stands out to the other standard CV.

Reminder, I am not a recruiter. But I put myself in recruiter shoes. They spend 5-10 seconds looking at our CV and might not even read our cover letter. Must tailor to the job advertisement. Other than that, the job market is really in shambles. So ya....
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