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sana rani 08-03-2016 12:26 PM

Zombie FPS Sniper Shooting Game - zombie games
Experience the unlimited thrill of killing zombies. Unlike anything we've seen before a virus has spread like wildfire around in the urban & rural areas. Lots of people got infected by the virus. Wondering around for any human being to make them as their food.

You are an armed soldier with special sniper skills. Your job is to kill as many those starving zombies as you can. Get ready to become expert sniper shooter?
Video Link: Zombie FPS Sniper Shooting Game
- A first-person 3D adventure assault.
- Stunning graphics
- Excellent music and realistic sound effects
- Various weapons with different specifications in range, power & fire rate.
- Smooth & intuitive controls
- Various zombies to kill
- Eye-Catching killing effects on half-cut shots and head shots.

Extra Game Features:
- Earn cash on each kill, getting head shots and consecutive zombie kills.
- Complete the challenges in Missions to see how many zombie kills and head shots you can obtain.
- Utilize cash to unlock new areas and sniper shooter guns.
- Your total cash will be incremented on every kill.
- It's Free! Enjoy unlimited play now..

- Simply swipe to look around & aim the target.
- Scope button at the left side of the screen for zooming, and right side to fire.
- View completed/incomplete missions at anytime by pressing missions button on the top left side of the screen.

farjaff 14-09-2018 11:51 PM

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