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Mrling 22-02-2016 08:56 PM

Lake Grande MCL Land New Launch
More MNC will be moving to Westgate in Jurong East. It's among quite a few businesses, which includes a few huge German companies shifting towards the west. Already, Jurong lake district is observing huge transformation - with many shopping malls for instance Jem, Westgate and Jcube already there, even business properties and hotel and hospital are starting to appear there in recent years. With high speed rail terminus in Jurong the region change will gain even more momentum. Authorities said they expect to see more commercial and residential real estate coming in that area - turning it into a key business centre with lots of residential apartment all around the area. MCL Land for example has develop Lakeville and Lake Grande Jurong West According to real estate gurus, financial services and complementary industries are anticipated to remain in the current city centre, for closeness to the center and each other. In terms of Jurong East, industries that could choose to settle down there are probably be more 'footloose'." "Typically those companies that will be more ‘footloose’, they don't really need a central location, yet they like certain amenities and agglomeration of firms together. "If you look at the occupiers in and around the region, they're quite wide-ranging. You've got oil and gas, lifestyle, some business services in there, IT firms. In the years ahead, I think how Jurong would size itself out is I believe there would be larger cumulation of those firms joining together." However, how the two commercial centre enhance one another depends upon both physical and economic connectivity.

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