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carrotcake 26-07-2020 12:06 PM

Coco Palms
Coco Palms is located in District 18 at Pasir Ris Grove, situated only less than 5mins from Pasir Ris MRT and White Sands. Existing executive condo launches include Piermont Grand EC, Rivercove EC, Parc Life EC, Northwave EC and upcoming ones include Parc Canberra EC, Ola EC, Parc Central Residences EC. Parc Central Residences price, Ola EC and Parc Central price and details will be available shortly.Coco Palms is not the only residential development of its kind nearby, though it arguably offers exclusive amenities and conveniences not featured as prominently by others. Nearby, for instance, is NV Residences, as well as Livia and The Palette. Already having been completed, these developments have varied in their rental yields, and are similarly situated along Pasir Ris Grove.

Having several similar developments nearby allows for a greater atmosphere of community between residents of the area, and offers a social environment that alongside upcoming developments such as Coco Palms will continue to flourish greatly.
While individual residents can expect many benefits to be afforded to those that will be residing within the upcoming luxury condominium development, families with children may expect certain advantages as well.

The nearby schools, for instance, have been recognised for their prosperous educational systems for children. The good schools will be able to particularly benefit families living at Coco Palms not only because of their promising reputations, but because of their closeness to the condos as well.
As it is, there are numerous schools such as Elias Park Primary that are located within a 1-2 kilometer range from the upcoming development. This offers parents the opportunity to view a wide array of options when choosing an ideal educational institution for their children to attend. The ease of mobility for those families that will be living at Coco Palms will provide a generous degree of convenience.

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