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Hanaxiong 21-03-2020 07:25 PM

Earn USD$ from home. PayPal to bank
Instead of game, this pay u in USD$ by PayPal for the online survey. From PayPal, u can transfer money to your bank account too.

For detail and more rewards,u can sign up at

They also provide valuable GRAB voucher at a very steep discount. The more points u accumulated, the steeper the discount u get as your membership is promoted by accumulated point.

This link had been validated working. A very good site to kill time while on long journey.

Tips to score:

1) Answer simply, honestly and smartly. Some questions could repeat . If u r lucky, same similar survey could repeat several times for u to score.

2) like game,donít give up even if u r disqualified halfway through. The disqualification could be due to survey mismatch or answer wrongly. The more u answered, the more experience u r. System will find a better match for u.

3) be patient with lengthy survey.. peanut effort give peanut reward. Stay focus on prizerebel first to maximise the gain and season opportunities

4) do it when u free. No stress since it is meant to kill time and earn tidbits. Gradual pace give best reward in the end

5) set a daily challenge target.

6) Like fishing,spot golden time . U will find many surveys appear at certain time. Grab as many as possible.

7) option to participate other events if u have time. ( math quiz, game) Usually, i prefer survey

8) gain more connections to your friends

9) visit their facebook link for promo code

10) focus on prizerebel first to maximise the survey season opportunities

Apart from earning money, you also have chance to evaluate the product and feedback to them for improvement.

Hanaxiong 21-03-2020 07:35 PM

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Payout in usd$. From PayPal, it can cash out to bank

Hanaxiong 21-03-2020 07:37 PM

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It is validated worldwide.

Hanaxiong 19-06-2020 06:58 AM

Earn money
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Attached is grocery voucher which is easy to earn from


1000pts for PayPal $10 cash out
697 points for $10 supermarket/grab voucher

As your experience increased, more discount is given for supermarket voucher.

Do not miss the chance to earn during your free time. It definitely has high payout than other surveys

Hanaxiong 03-07-2020 08:42 PM

Giant voucher
Example of award You can choose

1000 points for $10 ( USD$) PayPal


718 points for $10 Giant, grab or Cold Storage voucher
704 points ( senior members) for $10 giant , grab or Cold Storage voucher

How to earn points?

1) survey ( recommended)
2) evaluate game app
3) lucky draw
4) more and more

Hanaxiong 08-07-2020 07:01 AM

Free supermarket voucher earn online
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Earn online from home.

Attached are free supermarket voucher.

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