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TiaaTiaa 12-02-2020 01:53 PM

How safe is Chinchex insecticide?
So I've been introducing this bed bugs insecticide to everyone, and many asked me how safe it is. Chinchex is made by natural ingredients, it is kids and pets friendly. No harm to human at all. Here below is why:


ChinChex provides a safe and easy way to kill bed bugs. You can read the below to verify.
(1) EPA Hazard Tier 3 which is the lowest level of toxicity
(2) Safe for use on open floor, mattress, bed frame, couch, recliner, and pet rest area.
(3) Contains no dangerous crystalline content like DE which could cut lungs and lead to silicosis
(4) Generally considered to be a "green" treatment
(5) Common problems if applied incorrectly are dried skin or temporary irritation of the lungs or eyes.

it is easy to use, you can follow their instructions on website and watch their tutorial video before you start using. feel free to check out their website or purchase online from w w way&sr=8-1

lilylily 12-02-2020 01:56 PM

i really love this product. I found bed bugs last month on my bed.
My aunt bought me this and after 2 weeks, the bed bugs are all gone.
It has no chemical kinda smell, so it does not affect my daily life.
It was cheap, way cheaper than finding pest control really.
I would recommend it to everyone who has a budget, you can try to kill those bugs by yourself first.

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