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chickenrun 05-02-2020 09:51 PM

Bugs control service I tried before
I saw some of the members were talking about bed bugs in this forum before.. based on my personal experience, I reckon finding a professional for help is much more safe and useful than DIY.

The company I used before called Nobedbugs Sg. They were very efficient and helpful, staffs were super professional and explained all the questions I asked. It was a one time killing and those bed bugs just gone forever.

They have over 99% success rate and over 5000 cases solved worldwide. They also have up to 1 year guarantee. They have dust insecticide and also heat treatment service in the future. To be honest I would definitely recommend Nobedbugs Sg if you do have bed bugs problem. Its not that DIY aren't useful, but the professional should do a better job than you do.

w w w.nobedbugs-sg and you can contact them directly.

chickenrun 10-02-2020 01:35 PM

oops, there was a typo. Nobedbugs SG ONLY have dust application right now, they don't provide heat treatment. Sorry for misunderstanding their services. ;P

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