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lilylily 22-01-2020 04:45 PM

The real goodies! Everyone should have one at home
Singapore always have bugs issues, and I reckon bed bugs is really the worst.
They are so difficult to get rid of and its super annoying since it bites and reproduce in a super quick phase.

I've tried many pesticide and I only found Chinchex powders work for me the most. it is 100% silica dust product specifically developed to kill bed bugs, invented by Dr Richard Naylor and manufactured in Hong Kong. So the product quality is really not the thing I would worry about. I watched their tutorial videos, I found a old brush to use. Chinchex Insecticide is a mix of four different very fine and light amorphous silica dusts that have been developed to combine their properties in order to achieve a fast and effective solution for treating areas infested with bed bugs.

I bought it from overseas before, but seems like they have an online shop now , you could also find it in

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