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CSH 05-03-2019 04:43 PM

Normanton Park Launch
A slew of new launches will be popping up in the Holland Road / Buona Vista area in the next few months. Of these, Normanton Park has to the biggest. This is the new condominium project by Kingsford Huray on the site of the former Normanton Park. It makes sense that they have kept the original name. After all, the original Normanton Park has been a landmark there for eons. It was originally developed as housing for military staff, evolving into one for academic staff teaching at the National University of Singapore nearby, and later on for the other schools and tertiary institutes around too.

As time went on, R&D hubs starting sprouting around the site, with the first, Science Park practically on its doorstep. One-North came up just opposite it too, adding to the attraction of the site's attractiveness for housing the expatriate workforce around it. Normanton Park attracts expatriates for other reasons too. It is close to several institutions of higher learning and international schools, as well as to One Holland Village, with its cosmopolitan vibe and slightly 'bohemian' hang loose atmosphere, arts and crafts shops, and variety of cafes, pubs and restaurants. This place is also pretty close to town and the CBD area, off Ayer Rajah Expressway.

However the former Normanton Park had a couple of drawbacks. It was relatively old, and looking its age. It also was, and still is, not within easy walk of an MRT station. The first drawback will be addressed when the new Normanton Park condo is built, brand new. The latter drawback remains, but is perhaps more than compensated for by the undeniably good views to be obtained from the apartments here. It is not just the sea views to the south. To the other directions, are relatively unblocked views as well.

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