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cherlr93 30-08-2020 12:04 AM

[FREE TRIAL] freelance digital marketing/advertising services
Hi, I am a digital performance specialist working in a digital agency with more than 7 years of experience in Google Adwords and Facebook advertising. I am also certified by both platforms.

I would like to offer my freelance services by helping you with your digital advertising. As a performance marketer, my role and aim is to bring you as much leads and conversions as possible. To show you my confidence, I am offering the first month free, you do not need to pay me for my service until you trust in my capability to bring you results!

Services I offer:
1. Google Adwords Setup, Optimization and Management
2. Facebook Advertising Setup, Optimization and Management
3. Content Marketing (Blog Article Writing and Social Media Post)
4. Website/Landing Page setup and content writing (To be discussed)
5. Simple Video Production

If you are interested, kindly email me at [email protected] and we can take it from there. Thanks.

RileyParker 04-12-2020 02:35 AM

What about MSP Marketing, do you offer such services?

Unregistered 04-12-2020 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by bismarc123 (Post 150362)
Most things happen online around our brand, our products, and niche even if we, as a company, are not active there. Our customers, potential customers, competitorís customers are already there, and they are talking about us. Itís a fact.
So, the crucial thing is to be able to manage our online reputation, build awareness, engage the online community and sell products. I started monitoring my brand online and see who, where, and what says about it, and I'm looking for a digital marketing company for further collaboration.

Hi. Are you able to email me so that we can take it from there? Thank you.

Unregistered 04-12-2020 06:31 PM

Do you provide MSP Marketing services?

StewartHemmings 04-12-2020 06:34 PM

Iím also interested in MSP Marketing services? I would like to know more about the strategies that can help me reach my target audience and open new opportunities. MSP Marketing is new for me, so I don't know much about it. However, I want to take my business to another level, boost visibility, and increase incoming opportunities. I'm well-aware of SEO, but I want to get into MSP Marketing as well for my own development and the evolution of my business as well. Let me know if you offer such services, and if you're available for further collaboration.

Unregistered 10-02-2021 03:07 AM

MSP Marketing
I've been learning about this type of marketing for the past six months. Still a newbie but good to know.

LeahHodges 18-02-2021 03:44 AM

Where can I find out prices for your services?

CarolWringh 18-02-2021 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by LeahHodges (Post 156417)
Where can I find out prices for your services?

Probably on his website.

LeahHodges 23-02-2021 03:11 AM

Unfortunately, you did not specify your website where we could find out the prices for your services. I now need an SEO Consultant to optimize my website. My colleague advised me of company. The website has quite a lot of positive reviews and I have read that this company has more than 20 years of experience, but this is not a 100% guarantee of the quality of services for me, because everyone can write anything on their website. I would like to know your opinion, perhaps some of you have used the services of this company. Were you satisfied?

Unregistered 02-03-2021 03:15 AM

Yeah, I also wanted to ask about the prices. These kinds of services tend to be really pricey these days.

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