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Best Primary Schools 2008
A good education is arguably a necessary condition for good employability and even a good salary, so:

Good Education ˜ Good Salary.

... which is why parents are so uptight about getting their children into the best primary schools. They know best.

Going by this, I looked at the Primary One registration numbers from MOE and derived the list of the Best Primary Schools in Singapore.

Specifically, I calculated for each school the percentage of its total vacancies that are still available for the coveted Phase 2B, and ranked the schools by that.

What's so special about Phase 2B? It's when the fate of some children happens to be determined by a dice roll, or otherwise known as a ballot. See Straits Times article: Phase 2B balloting likely at 28 schools.

That's right. Some children may still end up in a less preferred school (neighborhood school?) even after their parents spent precious time volunteering at their choice schools, or even moving house to a place 1km or 2km away from the school.

Here's the Best 20 Primary Schools:

- Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) - 7.5% of vacancies available for Phase 2B
- Nan Hua Primary - 11.3%
- CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ - 11.9%
- Henry Park Primary - 12.1%
- Ai Tong - 12.4%
- Nanyang Primary - 13.3%
- St Hilda’s Primary - 13.6%
- Bukit Panjang Primary - 13.7%
- Rivervale Primary - 13.8%
- Maha Bodhi - 14.5%
- Holy Innocents’ Primary - 15.3%
- Chongzheng Primary - 15.7%
- Rosyth - 16.1%
- Tao Nan - 16.9%
- Red Swastika - 17.0%
- Catholic High - 17.6%
- Temasek Primary - 18.0%
- Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) - 18.1%
- Fairfield Methodist Primary - 18.1%
- White Sands Primary - 18.6%

windwaver--- 24-07-2008 10:20 PM

Not exactly. I had a good education, great results but lousy career luck is not helping me in anyway :)

Wealth Journey--- 24-07-2008 11:51 PM

Sad but true..
the easiest way to become rich in Singapore is to become a scholar.

I don't think scholars in other countries have it that easy. They wont be automatically groom but in sg, they will be.

Even if they are groom as top civil serveants, they wont be getting the pay of our scholars here in civil sectors.

scholar-- 25-07-2008 09:46 AM

Not true. It's true only if you are an elite scholar, ie President's Scholar or SAF Overseas Scholar. "Farmer scholars" just get normal pay, and a bond.
Even so, not all President's Scholars make it to the elite-of-the-elite Administrative Service which pays as much as $320k pa to the best 32-year-old AO.
SAF Scholars also make a fair amount, but definitely not as much as the best AO.
But both scholarships offer you a comparatively better chance to become a Minister one day! :)

anna-- 10-02-2009 04:53 PM

how did you derive the ranking? is it top to down rank #? I was searching for more statistics, how do you define "best"? is it by demand? or by student results/performance?

I was looking at Holy Innocents' primary, and never heard before that it is sought after school.
Holy Innocents' Primary - 15.3%
what does 15.3% represent?


by demand-- 10-02-2009 09:49 PM

Dear Anna, if you re-read the article, the author said he "calculated for each school the percentage of its total vacancies that are still available for the coveted Phase 2B, and ranked the schools by that". So, the 15.3% means the school still has 15.3% vacancies left after phase 2b. Which is sort of like a ranking by demand. Not very scientific.

Nic-- 04-04-2009 09:21 AM

I did not see raffles girls primary school on the ranking list..I thought it is supposed to be good, too?

In my opinion, getting into a good school doesn't necessarily promise a bright future. But it definitely make things easier for the children in the future,esp. in sg where career is qualification-based...

anna-- 06-04-2009 11:51 AM

it's definitely a gate for a bright future. By entering a good school or even a top school (in general not just primary school), first thing is that it makes easier to enter the employment market, gate is open, once it is open, the success depends on one self, gotta prove it. Second, good school provides in general better educatio system, good environment, and highly competitive environment. Heard the saying says, if you want to be successful, mix around with successful people, if you want to be smart, mix around with smart people.

isrin-- 12-04-2009 03:24 PM

I don't agree with these ranking.

It depends on pupils studying in the school. That is how the school can grow to be a better school.

But, most of the schools are really good. this ranking can be very useful to parents who would want to send their child to primary.

Are the schools equally good in sports and arts? To be the best school, it must be balanced in every subject, or if possible, better than every school in all subjects.

NEway, thanks for the information!

Student of T.P.S.-- 27-05-2009 10:08 PM

oh cool!i can't believe that my school is in the top 20!:D

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