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Unregistered 16-07-2011 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by Daniel (Post 11723)
Hi all, I am intending to pursue a doctorate course being offered by local private institution in Singapore.

My academic background is a MBA and 2nd Class Honors degree, both in international Business and Marketing.

I am in the Outdoor Media advertising industry and I realized that perhaps obtaining a doctorate might not help push up my salary package substantially but I am considering doing a doctorate to prepare myself in future if I were to set up my own advisory / consultancy firm.

There has been a few doctorates programs being offered here by Private Institutions here in Singapore including by MDIS. I would like to seek opinions and advise by fellow forumers here on which program is most recognizable and able to add most value in terms of prestige and recognition of university and course?

I am looking into furthering in the discipline of international Relations or Strategy studies in media / advertising.

Can anyone help advise please?

Thank you

I had a frank discussion with the HR manager on my last day of employment the MNC I worked for to seek his insights on doing a PhD/DBA with a view on career prospect or pay enhancement. In gist, the feedback I received was that unless it's DIRECTLY adding value to the position I am doing (e.g.: R&D researcher) or in an academic arena, then it's not going to bring me ahead of my peers in terms of pay or career enhancement. [In short => I am wasting my time.]

However, if you are contemplating being a 'representative' of a firm, client-focused, client-rep type of role (sales, marketing), it can be impressive. For the same $, the client is getting "higher educated" staff/team. It boils down to follow-up and performance (Not doctorate) ultimately.

Still, the fact is even Poly are getting more selective and employing more PhD as staff than before. 'Upsize' is the key word.

Note: Generally at Doctorate level there is no such thing as 'bad' university, as the these/dissertation is "SUPPOSED" to be peer-reviewed.

undiscern 16-07-2011 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 14291)

Note: Generally at Doctorate level there is no such thing as 'bad' university, as the these/dissertation is "SUPPOSED" to be peer-reviewed.

Strongly agreed with your last statement unlike bachelor or master where things are graded inhouse hence a good uni is impt. Phd or doctorate studies are peer reviewed by overseas uni. Most importantly is the number of quality publications (top international journals) you can achieve while doing your phd. There are many phd graduates from local uni whom graduated with none or only 1 journal paper. Even though local uni are top ranked, but these phd graduates will be forever laughing stocks of other more accomplished phd graduates whom may not be from top uni.

Unregistered 16-07-2011 12:39 PM

Get a DBA or PHD only if u are going along the academia line, or like mentioned, R&D.
The corporate world do not have a place for a DBA, despite what schools advertised.
I have one and I had to hide it from my resume, coz I realise that it was the one that is causing me not being able to get jobs, as my headhunters found out from the hiring HRs, that no one in the management level who just have bachelor or masters will want to hire a DBA to be their staff.
I only show my DBA when I am doing freelance consultancy work for firms, and that is only after 20yrs of solid experience that gets me the deals, and not my DBA.

undiscern 16-07-2011 10:06 PM

The above post is absolutely right, to a manager (most are non-phd), hiring a phd or doctorate graduate as subordinate is putting a threat under your own management.

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