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isa 02-08-2020 04:10 PM

Getting funded for university
hey ppl, would anybody here be interested in getting funded by sponsors for uni tuition expenses?

couple of friends and I have graduated awhile ago and we are all quite fortunate to have ppl help us along with our education/careers while we were in uni. we came across a method of funding uni education in the USA where the uni pays for your studies and in return, you pay the uni back over time if you have a decent job. we are interested to know if any current uni students here are interested to explore something like this? this is different from a student loan (take a look at the wiki page below)

PM me or email [email protected] to chat more if this interests you - we hope to speak with interested students who are currently in uni and are looking for career mentors who will fund your studies.

Kagaole 21-01-2021 05:30 AM

In order not to earn academic debts, use the book report help and it will become much easier for you and you will forget what the student routine is and you will have more free time.

Unregistered 21-01-2021 02:58 PM

This wouldn't work for SIMs - when UOL/RMIT asks for remuneration post graduation, all their graduates will be able to provide is "4k salary no specifics necessary" 😂


Unregistered 21-01-2021 03:01 PM

This is like a scam le.
No difference from a company that sign you up to their property training course to teach you how to sell property.
Then when you managed to sell your property they take a certain %.

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