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MTW 22-01-2020 04:46 PM

Career advice
Hi, I am a year 3 student studying Mechanical Engineering in NTU and on the path to graduate with at least second upper/first-class, depending on my FYP. I am now stuck in a dilemma of planning for my future career to either stay in engineering or switch my career path. The reason is due to that I am more passionate about the technical aspect of engineering especially in the aviation industry. However, based on the advices from friends and seniors, they have told me that the aerospace industries is really competitive (especially since I am not an aerospace student) and even so, the industry here is Singapore is more focused on maintainence/R&D (Which is not what I am actually looking for). Hence, I would like to seek advice from seniors/working personnel on your take and experiences whether:

1) Should I continue to purse an engineering career in the aerospace industry or in other engineering industries (Oil and gas/Marine)?
2) Should I venture into other sectors (IT/Finance)? As I really enjoy problem solving nature and mathematics.

Thank you so much!

TameSilent 17-03-2020 06:03 PM

follow your heart it will never lead you astray!!!

aiqbal 19-03-2020 06:22 PM

What I would urge you to remember is that people change career path all the time. The skills you pick up along the way equip you to go on and do different things. I think that the main thing in a career is that you enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you will feel much more fulfilled, and able to do a great job for the company - which in the long run will be better for the betterment of your career. Good luck!

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