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biccmoney 28-03-2022 11:14 PM

What age / mthly salary required to move out.
Currently staying with parents.
Looking to get a place of my own, but rent will take up more than 1/3 of my salary.

What age/ salary did you guys move out ?

Age: 24
TC : 48k

Unregistered 28-03-2022 11:27 PM

Married then move out. At 30.

If home isn't a good place to be then of course you'll have to move out early and help cover the monthly mortgage of those who bought investment properties (i.e. rent from them). ;)

Unregistered 29-03-2022 01:58 AM

Iím not local and has been renting a place ever since I moved out of uni. Share some of my thoughts :)

Pros: can choose location, near to work can save you half an hour or even one hour of sleeping time, it is very impt when ur work requires frequent OT; freedom, get to sleep late and invite friends over (however do note that some landlord doesnít allow visitors , or u have snek flat mates that report u whenever u bring guests over); also a good opportunity to live on your own, to be independent in every aspect of your life

Cons: expensive. If u work in CBD , I guess your salary at most can get you a small room and the whole flat is shared by a few tenants. Probably have to share a toilet and if u are unlucky ur hygiene and standard of living will drop quite a bit. Also, if u have a partner and is planning on marrriage , u should probably save that 1k rent per month for ur future home; one year 12K is a huge sum; also it can be rly troublesome when living alone , if ur parents always take care of groceries, laundry, food and house cleaning if u got maids at home , imagine doing all that yourself after 10 hour work

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