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Nissivarghnese 27-10-2020 08:25 PM

What are the areas blockchain has penetrated the fintech industry?
P2P Payments: Facilitate secure, contactless, real-time, and cross-border transactions through the use of encrypted distributed ledgers.

Smart Contracts: Leverage the power of smart contracts for autonomous, accurate, transparent, and secure contract services.

Client Identification System: Facilitate user-optimized, obscure, decentralized, and transparent identity management for various legal procedures.

Smart Loyalty Programs: A blockchain-based loyalty program provides you with secure and transparent systems reducing the cost associated with errors and frauds.

Regulatory Compliance and Audit: Verifying compliance by an audit trail through recording the actions and their outputs for any digital asset.

Loans and Credit: Eliminate the need for middlemen, enhance transparency, and reduce delays with blockchain allowing investors to approve loans.

Insurance: Get a permanent audit trail by automating claim processing and simplifying the management of digital assets.

BillShiphr 23-11-2020 11:40 PM

Oh, I think that blockchain is used almost everywhere now. And I should say that I can understand the growth of interest to it. The value of bitcoin is increasing significantly during the last years and as far as I know, it is closely related to blockchain technology. Did you notice that there are a lot of online shops that are already accepted cryptocurrency? Besides, some games are included an option of using the crypto. I have ever seen a blockchain casino - I believe that it is amazing and could give us something interesting in the nearest future.

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