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Nothing to be depressed about, I didn't earn most of my money and I work pretty high stressed job just like anyone else as any able bodied person should. I think if Joe knew he would feel quite the opposite.

Agree on the below points, but I'll add No.5 that you can only learn from the people you look up too. Many rich a-holes around its hard to learn if you don't respect the person.

Anyway times have change, using your example "Mark" at 60 would have multiple opportunities compared to "Joe" to make good money, for example Mark could have bought a bungalow or semi-D if he held a professional job 20 years ago something which Joe would struggle to do today assuming similiar pay scales. Other examples include stock investments etc. Any of these during "Mark's" time would have paid back in 100's of percent.

Anyway this day and age there are multiple avenues to make money, saw a video about some guy who make 10M a year just doing video's. If one lacks the ability in one area there are always others. If they feel dejected it's just because of laziness to learn.

Health, good family and a decent living make a man's true network, anything else is bonus.

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Haha. I hope Joe doesnt find out about your networth (exceeds $10M?) while only at 36. Else he might go into depression. If not depression, he might become delusional and start thinking his $1M is $10M too!

I will list the possible morals of the story of Joe here:

1. When you achieved your target, say for Joe's case, it was $1M after 10 yrs of work, enjoy the moment and perhaps even treat yourself and parents (Joe still stay with his parents) to a good holiday. In fact, set many goals along your life's journey and savour and enjoy every target met - before you lose that winning feeling each time.

2. Dont rest on your laurels, after achieving a target, set the next higher target to be achieved - simply because there are higher targets to be achieved.

3. There is a big world out there, when comparing, dont just compare within your cohort (and feel smug), compare beyond your cohort, close friends and company.

4. It is very hard for a single person to beat / match the networth of a working couple (even with children). For a working couple, it is not 1 + 1 = 2. It is 1 + 1 > 2. If a single person can save 50% of his salary, a working couple can save one spouse's full salary plus half of the other spouse's salary. When the working couple reach their 50s (as in Mark's case), they could be saving their whole salary - each and every year. I can testify to this.

5. Instead of feeling dejected or defeated, try and learn from others how they achieved their networth.
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