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Originally Posted by qwerty1234 View Post
Hi all, I'm currently serving NS and planning to study Mechanical/Chemical engineering at a local Uni. I didn't know that the engineering sector in Singapore was this bleak until I read this thread.

After reading much online about engineering in Singapore, I still feel that a personal experience is what I need to determine for myself if engineering is for me. I would really appreciate if anyone knows where I can find job shadowing/ internship opportunities for ME&CHE!!

Please advise me on which field of engineering is better (ME/CHE)! Thank you in advance!
Are you a polytechnic student who studied mechanical/chemical engineering? If so, you should be able to get the internship easily. But if you later discover it is not for you, you will have a hard time changing your course of study.

If you happen to be an A level grad, then no one will hire you as intern, unless you have already spent at least 1 year in uni. Even then, as most courses specialize in their respective engineering fields in the 2nd year, you might have some difficulties in finding an internship. By the time you finish 2nd year, its too late.

Welcome to the Singapore system. It is not impossible but merely difficult to get what you want. You just need to keep applying and talking to people.

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