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Originally Posted by Davionk View Post
Actually, I had offers to remain overseas (another emerging market), similar industry and role, good pay. However, long-term, I may face difficulty coming back as there is no market for my kind of work in SG.

Thinking to bite the bullet now, make the switch rather than wait till 30s, ride through this period, re-skill and keep trying.

Living conditions and security in developing countries are not fantastic, just saying!
Haha if I were you I will make enough overseas first then come back slowly take my time to look for jobs. Agree with top post, start doing the paper work for UG driver to standby first, I dont think it will be that easy to find a job here (at least 3-6 months from my exp). Although SG overall unemployment rate is low, the real number for entry level young adults is actually very high due to lack of exp and skillset.

There are also various contract jobs in the IT and banking sector that pay quite well (high 2k+) as long as you dont mind the hours and subject to renewal.
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