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Originally Posted by Davionk View Post
Actually, I had offers to remain overseas (another emerging market), similar industry and role, good pay. However, long-term, I may face difficulty coming back as there is no market for my kind of work in SG.

Thinking to bite the bullet now, make the switch rather than wait till 30s, ride through this period, re-skill and keep trying.

Living conditions and security in developing countries are not fantastic, just saying!
In theory yes, but then there is a place and time for everything. Quitting your job & coming back at a time when the local job market is bleak knowing full well you have no relevant experience as a job applicant doesn't strike me as wise.

Anyway since you are back say too much also no use lah, just have to keep applying lor. For pte U no relevant exp can get 30k already quite good. If doing entry sales might need to adjust downwards as these jobs are usually very low basic and depend on incentive to top up.

If you got Class 3 start getting the necessary certification for PVH driver, at least can dong a bit until you get a proper job.
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