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Default Unemployed at 29

Currently, 29 with 4 years work exp, last held Solution Sales role (infrastructure power), perm stationed in an ASEAN emerging market for 3 years, business grad (private U). Last drawn 48K SGD++ PA excluding soft benefits. Able to save about 50-60% income PM due to low living costs and 0 debt.

Resigned and returned to SG due to,

1) Income tax hike in host country meant staying no longer tenable.
2) Importantly, lack of training opportunities (host country do not have courses taught in English)

Difficult to seek SG roles from overseas unless one is physically here for interviews.

As my former role has few openings, decided on a switch to IT sales (30% relevance). I'm pragmatic and willing to take a pay cut, sending 7-10 tailored applications per week (including entry-level roles) with no success.

Currently surviving on my savings, occasional small income from freelance work (advisory work/drafting project proposals) for ex-clients. Enrolled myself in night classes at a polytechnic as I'm keen to learn and acquire foundation knowledge in systems networking.

Feeling rather depressed as I'm unable to secure full-time work since returning home.
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